Set Meals

Please click on the picture to see more information on each item.

Please click on the picture to see more information on each item.


  • Large-size meal comes with a double quantity of the meat and free upgrade of rice to large or extra-large servings.
  • Single item does not include rice, salad, and miso soup.
  • Miso soup is not included in takeout orders. It can be purchased for an additional 60 yen.
  • The size of rice for Set Meals and Morning Set Meals can be upgraded to large for an additional 60 yen, or to extra-large for an additional 100 yen.
  • The calorie of rice is 386 kcal for a normal serving size, 580 kcal for a large, and 773 kcal for an extra-large.
  • All prices include tax.
  • Menu contents and prices can vary by store.
  • The photographs are example images. The arrangement and presentation of food may vary.
  • We are meticulous during food processing and preparation. Nonetheless, trace of allergens from other ingredients may be mixed in.
  • Individuals have different levels of allergic reaction. Some can have an allergic reaction to even minuscule amount of an ingredient. We therefore ask you to consult with a medical specialist before making your own judgement.
  • Allergy information is based on the product's ingredient information.
  • With some exceptions, nutritional value is based on "Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan - Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition". Moreover, these numbers are standard value of combination of ingredients.
  • Please note that, as each menu item is made by hand, there could be a slight deviation from the actual nutritional value.
  • Please be informed that, these numbers will be updated along with improvements and modifications of menu items.
  • Ingredient value is listed as zero when an ingredient is not included or included only in minuscule amount.
  • The nutritional information of the main menu includes that of miso soup.


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