Corporate Philosophy

• Our restaurants are solemnly for our customers and they represent the company itself.

Our business is solely depending upon our customers.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

• Our customers are not satisfied with average restaurants.

When customers choose Matsuya, they have certain expectation.
Our job is to provide services that exceed customers’ expectation.
Our customers know how to pick the best restaurant, and we intend to be the best in each local region.

• Our satisfaction is measured only by the satisfaction of our customers.

Our greatest pleasure is to put a big smile on each one of our customer’s face and spread the circle of trust and satisfaction with Matsuya.

The birth of our corporate philosophy

Matsuya Foods sprouted from a small ramen shop in 1966. Since then we always tried to make our customers feel happy with affordable, tasty and fulfilling meals, which eventually led to serving Gyumeshi - beef bowl.

During our history, how did we, our management and staff, engage in the work? What did we all value in our work?

Above all things, our belief was always “to spare no effort to serve our customers for their satisfaction”. The happiness of our customers was our joy of achievement.

This belief was relayed from staff to staff and restaurant to restaurant, making Matsuya loved by customers and become indispensable in each region.

This is how today’s Matsuya and our corporate philosophy were born.