To become an unwavering food brand even after 100 years.

(Left)Toshio Kawarabuki, Chairman and representative director (Right)Genji Midorigawa, President and representative director
(center) Toshio Kawarabuki
Chairman and Representative Director
(left) Genji Midorigawa
Executive Vice Chairman
(right) Kazutoshi Kawarabuki
President and Representative Director

As of 2016, Matsuya Foods has reached its 50th anniversary thanks to everyone's warm support. Since the beginning, our core value was "The store exists for the customer, and the store is the company itself. Customers will have nothing to do with stores that don't benefit them. The customers' satisfaction directly translates to our satisfaction." We will maintain that core value at heart for the next 50 years as well. The increase in ingredient and labor costs and fluctuations in exchange rates continue to make food service a difficult business to be in. Despite the societal situation in 2015, Matsuya Foods has created our second pillar of business with 23 stores of the Breaded Pork Cutlet business "Matsunoya" and 4 stores of "Matsuya" for an additional 27 stores. Moreover, we renovated 44 stores, improved product appeal, developed strategic product marketing, invested in factories and production facilities, and took part in many more ventures. We have developed upon our 50 year foundation to provide happiness and emotional appeal to our customers, provide the joy of work to our employees, and strove to become a company that provides smiles to society. Matsuya Foods wishes to continue on for greater things in the future.

Matsuya Foods will challenge itself to improving our corporate value.

As the environment of "food" diversifies in the modern age, Matsuya Foods takes the concepts of "safe, delicious, and valuable products" and "high value-added services" as our basic direction while making 2016 the year which we procure high quality ingredients and reinforce quality assurance procedures to develop products and services that make our customers support us. We will open new restaurants and renovate existing ones for our Gyumeshi restaurants "Matsuya" and our breaded pork cutlet restaurants "Matsunoya." We will place a high priority in QSC (Quality, Service, Cleanliness), advertise and promote with maximum efficiency, and to nurture our full-time and part-time employees to improve themselves by implementing special training programs to maintain a high level of motivation to develop our human resources that will lead to high quality customer satisfaction. We place a high priority in our company slogan of "We want to become everyone's dinner table" by maintaining the integrity of the environment and contributing to society. We place the customer first, maximize our financial strength through operational efficiency and maximizing profitability, and further improve upon our corporate value.