Toward an unlimited future.
Our goal is to make Matsuya Foods a company everyone can get excited about.

(left) Toshio Kawarabuki, Chairman and Representative Director (right) Kazutoshi Kawarabuki, President and Representative Director
(left) Toshio Kawarabuki
Chairman and Representative Director
(right) Kazutoshi Kawarabuki
President and Representative Director

Thanks to you, Matsuya Foods has taken a new step in 2017 toward its next 50 years. Meanwhile, the management environment for the restaurant industry is getting progressively tougher due to aggressive competition and rising foodstuff and personnel costs. In celebration of our 50th year in business, and amidst such a management environment, Matsuya Foods opened 52 new stores in 2016, centered on our pork cutlet business line, for which we are targeting a system of 200 stores, which would make it our second most significant business line. We also renovated 46 stores, made capital investments in factories and production facilities, further strengthened our product capabilities, and implemented sales promotional efforts utilizing a wide variety of campaigns, fairs, and social networking services. We also opened our “Matsu-Ben Net” bento reservation site where customers can place advance orders for bento via their PCs and smart phones. We at Matsuya Foods see an unlimited future and will establish “products, spaces, and moments that promise to impress our customers” so that we can continue to grow into a “food brand everyone can get excited about.”

Implement a company system.

The needs of our customers as they relate to things like the safety of and peace of mind about our food, responses to the falling birthrate and aging, and the creation of added value continue to change and diversify each year. In order to respond to these needs quickly and thoroughly, Matsuya Foods implemented a “company system” in October 2016. We delegated various management authority and responsibilities to three companies, the “East Japan Matsuya Company,” the “West Japan Matsuya Company” and the “Matsunoya Company” to promote regional and brand-oriented management. Speedy decision making will enable us to respond to customer needs in a timely manner and to increase corporate value.