Expansion abroad & Matsuyafoods group

Great Taste Bringing Smiles to the world.

Matsuya Foods continues to expand its business around the world. In September 2009, we also opened our first directly owned restaurant in Shanghai City, China. Adding restaurant business focusing on New York to the group, we have also entered the American market. Matsuya Foods intends to continue increasing its presence overseas.

Matsuya Foods Group shapes the next generation food culture through the collective efforts of the entire group

The Matsuya Foods Group is made up of companies with a high level of specialization, but their stable and steady growth rests on improving the operational efficiency, enhancing the management capability and raising the brand value of the entire group. With its collective power, the mission of the Matsuya Foods Group is to shape the next generation of food culture.

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    M.T.T. Co., Ltd.
    Operations by M.T.T. Co., Ltd. include total maintenance of kitchen instruments and air-conditioning equipments installed at Matsuya Foods' restaurants, kitchen instrument sales, construction supervision and plumbing works for the restaurants.
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    M.L.S. Co., Ltd.
    Operations by M.L.S. Co., Ltd. include cleaning, recycling/reusing, waste collecting and flower growing.