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A tender, sophisticated, sensuous restaurant design complements taste

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Designing customizable restaurants tailored to customers' lifestyle.

Elegance and comfort are important factors in creating a pleasant atmosphere for customers to enjoy meals at our restaurants. Matsuya Foods has developed customizable restaurants tailored to meet the needs of local customers. Leading-edge human engineering plays a role in the design of stylish interiors and no effort has been spared to create pleasant surroundings for our customers. In fiscal 2008, Matsuya Foods will develop restaurants that focus on locations within both the Tokyo area and other metropolitan areas, as well as open new restaurants dominantly in the same area and rebuild or renovate. Moreover, we promote the development of a restaurant design that meets the market needs. We seek to open about 30 new restaurants this year, in addition to the above challenges.

To strengthen the competitiveness and enhance the comfortableness of our restaurants, we are undergoing a large-scale renewal.

Matsuya Foods is aggressively undergoing a renewal on the theme of potentiality and enhancement of the competitiveness of our existing restaurants. We adopted a lighting design to create a bright and warm space, in addition to interior design utilizing the latest human engineering. 85 restaurants have been remodeled in fiscal 2007.

Leading the way in amenity planning with insatiate pursuit of happiness and convenience.

Presenting unique challenges based on our policy, "The customer always comes first"

Matsuya Foods provides a variety of facilities to deliver our taste to all places as well as to our restaurants. As part of these services, we sell lunch meals at local companies, organizations, office buildings, and stadiums, etc. A number of the latest systems that anticipate customers' needs have been introduced, including a dispatch system that enables us to serve meals quickly and without error by displaying the customer's order on a monitor in the kitchen at the moment the button on the ticket vending machine is touched. Matsuya Foods is also working to develop new kitchen equipment such as automatic rice servers under the name TENPO-INNOVATION-SERIES, and ozone fat-splitting equipment, an environment-friendly device that maximizes the ability of ozone to break down the fat content of waste-water discharged from the

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    Ticket-vending machines available for "Suica", an IC card developed by East Japan Railway Company, have been first adopted at the restaurants located along the JR Chuo Line in Tokyo.
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    Operations by M.L.S. Co,. Ltd. include growing flowers and producing planters to decorate our restaurants.
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    We sell lunchboxes at places where there are a lot of people, including sports stadiums and office buildings.
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    Self-serve drink service has also been expanded for visitors to have a enjoyable time at MATSUYA GRILL Nishidai.