Food Safety & Quality Controol

Promising Safety is Our Basis for Everything


Carefully selected ingredients and establishment of perfect quality management.

Food safety is a perpetual task for companies engaged in the food service industry. Matsuya Foods has established a thorough quality and safety management system in order to provide our customers with safe and secure food. Materials are seasonally procured directly from producing regions nationwide that have met our own quality standards. In particular, a traceability system that will enable us to track the production history of vegetables grown by our contract farmers has been established, and a cold chain system, which controls vegetables under constant temperature from the field produced to each of our restaurants to preserve their freshness, has also been established. Information about the principal origins of both key materials and specific materials (more than 10, including 5 allergenic substances) is posted on our website on our own initiative, which makes customers feel more secure. Our safety management on U.S. beef following resumption of use in our restaurants in January 2007 is also fully assured. A delegation was dispatched to the beef processing plants that supply our meat to rigorously check the month age verification system, the feed content and slaughtering process. At beef processing plants in the U.S., HACCP (Hazard Analysis-Critical Control Point) inspection system, a food quality management method, is adopted and all specified risk materials are removed in the presence of an inspector of the U.S. Agriculture Department. Matsuya Foods conducts thorough quality, hygiene and taste inspections utilizing leading-edge technologies, as well as one-by-one inspection of all materials, at our production factories where food is handled. We implement the highest level of safety checks in every process, from production field to each of our restaurants.

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    46 Our company's delegation was dispatched to the beef processing plants that supply our meat, and thorough inspection and verification of their safety management system were performed from all aspects.
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    Various testing for bacteria, hygiene, flavor, etc. are performed at the laboratories of our factories on a daily basis to ensure the safety and the taste.
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    We require all staffs of our restaurants to completelywash their nails using a regularly-replaced nailbrush before working.
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    A wipe test is performed at our restaurants to prevent the growth of bacteria and verify the safety in detail.