Environmentally Friendly Production Factories

Environmental preservation-friendly production factories with unparalleled productivity and quality control system

The Mt. Fuji Factory

Our two production factories provide safety and delicious tastes using leading-edge technologies.

Matsuya Foods has two production factories boasting leading-edge, environmentally friendly technologies and unparalleled productivity. Mainly responsible for preparing and processing vegetables and pickles, the Mt. Fuji Factory has succeeded in preserving the freshness of the ingredients as well as achieving a high level of power-saving by introducing a production line that uses natural spring water spouting from 250 meters underground. The Ranzan Factory, which is in charge of meatpacking, and preparation and processing of curry and dressing, has taken advantage of its size and spaciousness to introduce production lines for family-oriented ready-made frozen meal packs and rice milling. Our own quality checks are conducted in both factories by a combination of the latest technology and visual checks by experienced personnel. Through strict hygiene inspections and taste tests at every stage of the production process, we have built a thorough safety management system.

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    A vegetable processing line is adopted at Mt. Fuji Factory using natural water flow. Lettuces and cabbages served as fresh vegetables are washed with safe natural water without losing freshness.
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    Multiple state-of-the-art "metal detectors" have been installed at each factories. If there are any metal contamination detected from raw vegetables, these devices quickly find out which package is contaminated, and in this way the food safety is protected.
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    A vegetable safety inspection line, which is illuminated by the lights from below, has been adopted, and a rigorous check system that never misses any fine foreign substances or insects attached has been established.
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    Pickles such as kimchi (Korean pickle) are produced in a dedicated line at Mt. Fuji Factory from preparation of vegetables to ripening and packaging, in order to maintain their taste and safety.
  • The Ranzan Factory
    The Ranzan Factory
  • Frozen individual meal series
    Frozen individual meal series
  • White rice processing line
    White rice processing line
  • Meat processing line
    Meat processing line
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    Mt. Fuji Factory has installed Matsuya Foods' originally-developed "half cooked egg making equipment", providing the product with best taste and texture using the latest technology.
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    Meats are transferred to each processing line after elaborate operations are performed. In those operations, extra lines of fat are carefully removed from meats by experienced professional staffs.
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    Flavors of curries and sauces are checked by concentration and component tests every time they are cooked. The taste and quality are thoroughly equalized under the company's strict standard.
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    Matsuya Foods' ready-made frozen meal packs are exclusively produced in a dedicated line at Ranzan Factory from preparation of ingredients through processing, cooking, freezing and packaging.
Building the latest IT network enable us to perform real-time management.

Matsuya Foods has created an information network which links our restaurants, headquarters, factories, distribution centers and group companies, centering on the Internet Data Center (IDC). It enables us to establish a system obtaining the latest information about sales performance and the number of customers we get, and to make a quick judgment in management. By introducing our own intranet system, MKC-Plaza (Matsuya Knowledge Collaboration Plaza), and an IP phone link between our headquarters and factories, we have been able to enhance cooperation between sections and increase efficiency.